Meet The Actors

Adreanne Duplessis

Mykell Gardner-Menzies Adreanne Duplessis

Mykell doesn’t really care about the stupid kitchen table. She does not like anything, or anyone for that matter on this planet, well maybe her Aunt Kent and cousin Link. The constellations are a different story because even in all that darkness, they still make her think of brighter times with her mom. Her plan is to make this trip quick, easy and as painless as possible so she can dip and back home…wherever that is.

Carl Christensen

Kent Gardner aka "Chitty" Carl Christensen

Aunt Kent is a strong, independent woman. So is Chitty Bang Bang, so they make a great pair. Kent may be the black sheep of the family, but he’s probably the only one who’d pick up the phone if you needed bail (Right Mykell?). Kent may be the youngest, but he has probably lived the largest life of all his siblings. Always one to make an entrance, and never one to miss a well- timed innuendo, Kent is loud, proud, and ready to tell you all about it. Oh, and Chitty, that’s a whole other story.

Kate Brioux

Nadine Gardner Kate Brioux

Hold on to your knick knacks and count your doilies because Nadine Gardner is back in town and looking to stock pile. When this cat lovin', single lady found out that her mom was selling the family home she hit the road in search of any childhood memento to add to her cluttered "collection". Along with her friendly feline Tabitha, Nadine adds a little obsession of possession, and continues to hold on to, and celebrate the memories of her dysfunctional, yet lovable family.

Kevin O'Neill

Brady Edwards Kevin O'Neill

Brady Edwards is handy enough to change at least three kinds of light bulbs, powerwash a cedar deck, and duct tape whatever needs duct tapin'. He feels blessed to be close, but not too close, to the Gardiners. They are like a second family to him but he's happy to step back, when need be, and let fly the fur, feathers, and furniture, before the dust finally settles.

Mardi Kennedy

Audrey Gardner Mardi Kennedy

A split-second decision Audrey made six years earlier resulted in consequences that tore her family apart. Since that time, she has not had much contact with her grown children or grandchildren but she has finally come to terms with her own guilt and regrets. Although she loves her family, she has also come to accept that it is very difficult to change the attitude of other people and she has given herself permission to be happy again. Without the input or permission of her family, she has sold the family home and its contents and is set to move to Arizona.

Matthew MacBean

Lincoln Gardner Matthew MacBean

Lincoln, or “Link” as known to his family is one who gets yelled at a lot for saying what he thinks. His comments are unfiltered, he gets distracted easily, finds comfort in the Rubik’s Cube and fidget spinners and misses the times when his mom and dad lived under the same roof. Although he’s older than he acts, his energy is refreshing and contagious. Oh, he’s also really happy and a little relieved that his cousin Mykell is also at Grandma’s so he at least has someone other than his dad to hang out with.

Maximillian Czmielewski

Aaron Weeks Maximillian Czmielewski

Aaron has spent most of his life searching for light. Before he met Ms. Bond in grade 9, to say he was a bit lost would be an understatement. From the first moment she placed a camera in his hand, he knew that seeing life through a different lens was magical. After a four-year undergraduate degree at OCAD, Professor Barrington will hopefully give him the wings needed to open his own photography studio. And of course there’s the whole experience of meeting the Gardner’s, but that’s another story completely.

Paul Crough

Jed Gardner Paul Crough

Jed Gardner feels like he has as much right (or more!) to the family table as his siblings do, although it’s clear they would think otherwise. His fast-talking, car-loving, poor-me attitude sometimes makes things worse than they actually are. Although his anger gets the best of him in tense situations, beneath that tattooed and not always tolerant exterior of his, there’s a wounded fellow who loves his son and mother to the moon and back.

Sheila Prophet

Georgette Sheila Prophet

Unlike her Craven-A Menthols, Georgette is unfiltered. She says what she wants, to whomever she wants. Wise-cracking, cat-loathing, younger sister to Audrey, and affectionately known as “Aunt George” to her nieces and nephews, she might be considered pushy, bossy, abrasive and brash, but other than that, quite lovely.

Tara Desveaux

Melinda Gardner Tara Desveaux

Melinda may be overly loquacious, but her big words hide her equally big heart. She uses her doctorate and education as armour against the constant eye-rolling of her younger siblings, and the pain of her family's past. Melinda may appear frigid, but she eventually warms to the memories of good times, and of a certain general contractor with whom she may have had a brief tryst.

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